Secure data access

AQMesh readings are accessed online using a secure login

Login access is here.

An individual login is issued to the user at purchase or rental. This login only allows access to the pods on the user’s account. No pod data or location information can be accessed by any other user.

Using the AQMesh user login you can:-

  • Access readings
  • Manage your AQMesh pods

Access readings

  • Download readings as a CSV file (or select a different separator)
  • Adjust the time zone and preferred units for readings
  • View readings graphically on screen
  • Choose data time period and reading interval
  • Download atmospheric conditions and pod settings / flags

Manage your AQMesh pod(s)

  • Set reading, averaging and data transmission frequency
  • Update replaced gas sensor serial number
  • Apply local scaling
  • Review and set GPS position on Google Maps

Set up an API data feed

The AQMesh API offers a seamless real-time air quality data feed into any system or media.

API stands for “Application Programming Interface.” An API is the protocol that third party / client programmers can use to integrate AQMesh data with other data systems or display AQMesh data on a display or website. The API provides clients with standard commands so they do not have to write the code from scratch or order to integrate the data feed.

The AQMesh API allows all data and pod setting fields to be ‘pushed’ from the AQMesh server into another system, as soon as they are processed and available, so pretty much real-time. It also allows commands to be pushed back to the AQMesh server so pod settings can be changed from the client system, if set up to do so.

We charge an annual fee for either 1-10 pods, 11-49 pods or 50+ pods. This covers set-up, maintenance and support of the API. The standard annual AQMesh data processing and access charge also applies. We then supply a set of developer instructions and specific ‘keys’ to access only the authorised AQMesh pods.

Most clients can get set up an AQMesh API data feed very quickly, within days if not hours.

Please contact us if you are interested in setting us an AQMesh API.

Enhanced data visualisation and comparison

Our partners at Air Monitors offer a seamless AQMesh user interface that allows all of the AQMesh data access and pod maintenance functionality described above, plus a range of visualisation and comparison tools. Please contact Air Monitors for more information. is a cloud based application providing management, analysis, validation and reporting of air quality data. It is compatible with AQMesh pods, AQWeb data loggers and can ingest and combine data from other online sources. provides an easy to use interface in most major languages helping users to view and compare data from their AQMesh monitoring sites and make sense of the data. A linear regression tool allows comparisons between pods or between pods and reference stations to be managed and will automatically apply slope and offset adjustments to pod data further improving “out of the box” data quality.

Open Air tools provide the ability to analyse air quality data using powerful graphical formats in a matter of seconds and output in a variety of formats. Data can be exported in JSON , CSV and XML formats from the application or via an API for integration into other software packages. is available for a small monthly subscription and includes all of the above features at no additional cost.