AirQIS stands for: Air Quality, Integration and Services.

We advise, sell, support, rent and offer a range of analysis equipment for monitoring and studying air quality.
We specialize in monitoring solid particles and gaseous pollutants in the air, indoors and outdoors and at almost any conceivable location.
We are happy to discuss specific application and propose a practical, economical and sustainable solution.
AirQIS offers a wide range of high quality metrology instruments based on the most precise physical principles.
Air pollution is frequent, its causes and consequences are often difficult to analyze. Relying on a network of experts in the contamination of air and gaseous waste, AirQIS provides accurate analysis and diagnosis of applications for pollution problems.
At AirQIS we are experts in air metrology. This expertise- which is applicable in all areas; from clean-room to emissions, via the environment or industry – makes it possible to offer only the best to our customers, thanks to a large catalog of reliable and certified products and services.